Ajikan Meditation 阿字観


Ajikan Meditation 阿字観


Ajikan Meditation  阿字観 Mandala
Mixed media on paper, 
4.75"h x 4.75"w in 9"h x 11"w in a black wood frame with mat

Ajikan is a visualization meditation method of the Shingon sect of Japan that some Tibetan schools also practice. The practitioner has an image of the letter A in a moon which symbolizes the universe, and imagines that letter A and the moon coming into the body and expanding to the size of the universe and then reverse this to get the sense of becoming the part of the universe. This piece is meant to be used for the practice. 

My mandalas are derived from the esoteric school of Buddhist mandala  precepts.  I follow the four directional colors:
Top - Red - East - Fire

Bottom - White - West - Water
Left - Yellow - South -Earth
Right - Green - North - Air  
(Tibetan Mandala principal)

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