Mandala Installations

My site specific mandala installations are interactive assemblage pieces that aim to have ongoing impact on audiences beyond the temporary visual impact.  I want my audiences to fell the intricate interconnection of the world, and make them realize the preciousness of each moment. The goal of my mandala installations is to have my audiences to experience and maintain the state of tranquility by interacting with my pieces. My mandala installations are made with found objects, which reflect the locality. 

The mandala is designed to guide the viewer through walking meditation.  In Tantric Buddhism, the mandala is a visualization of a perfect world.  It gives the meditation practitioner a guide for their mental state as they go through the process of seeking transformation. To seek this state of tranquility, I have combined the Zen Buddhist practice of walking meditation with the Tantric mandala form.  The viewer will be asked to step into the piece and perform certain actions as a meditation practice.   The purpose of this interactive art space is to tame one’s thoughts and gain mindfulness.

See videos:
Pray-formance video
Wetland Mandala Video
Woodland Mandala Video